How do I Read/Save File in Android

I’m developing an App for Android and I need to Read and save files in .txt. I’m using C# and the library System.IO to read and write my .txt files. When I Start my App I need to Read some .txt files that are locate in a folder. So to give the Path to this folder I’m using:

string path = Application.PersistentDataPath + “/file.txt”;
StreamReader file = new StreamReader(path);

But when i Build the project and put in my cellphone, the android can’t find my .txt files. I tried to put a text object to see where the variable path is, the return that i get is:


I’ve tried to change in playerprefs the write acess and install location. tried every combination and the App couldn’t find my .txt file.

If anyone can help it would be great

Hope this help, I am also working on a project that needs a method something like this. :smiley:

public class TestScript : MonoBehaviour
public void SaveEncodedFile()
string path = Application.persistentDataPath;

	File.WriteAllText(path + "/Testest.txt", testst.text);

public void LoadEncodedFile()
	string path = Application.persistentDataPath;
	tests.text = File.ReadAllText(path + "/" + "TempName" + ".txt");


Hi @and_duch.
Are you sure that you have selected "PlayerSettings->OtherSettings->WriteAccess to External(SDCard)?

Also try Application.dataPath instead of Application.persistentDataPath. I don’t remember which one is OK for Android.

Have you got any error which will be helpful ?

Hi @and_duch,
Try using ES File Explorer, and go to sdcard/android/data/com.andrew.myApp/files/teste.txt.
It work for me :slight_smile:

One way is to use:

  1. public TextAsset YourFile;
    2.Drag it in inspector
    Printing it on UI would look something like:
    (i have in my script “public Text txt;” drag and drop your UI element and also include using UnityEngine.UI;)