How do i refer to a linerenderer attached to my object?

I’m kind of new in unity so, sorry if this question is kind of stupid.

So I have a prefab that is just an empty game object with a Linerenderer on it however I have no idea how to refer to said Linerenderer in code(that is attached to the prefab).
all i want to do in the code is set the startpoint and endpoint of the laser
I’d probably have to do it somehow like this :


that is if I knew how to assign the attached linerenderer as laser.

I assume I should use some kind of getcomponent command, but I have no idea how to use it. I could probably just generate a line renderer using code but I would like to learn how to do this to avoid similar problems in the future. ( i have looked up scripting reference for linerenderer and getcomponent without any success)

Setting a reference to a linerenderer is the same as setting the reference to any other component in Unity. You have to add a public variable to your class and drag in the component in the inspector.

Do something like this:

public class YourClass : Monobehaviour
    public LineRenderer laser; //This will be available in the inspector. 

    //So will both of these. 
    public Vector3 startPoint;
    public Vector3 endPoint; 

    private void Start()

Now you can drag the linerenderer into the laser variable in the inspector.


laser.GetComponent<LineRenderer>().[whatever method]