how do I reference a clones of a instantiated game object and only the clones In a script?

In a script, how do I make something happen to the clones of the object and only the clones of the object.
For example if I wanted to destroy all the clones of the object and not the original game object, how would I do that? Thanks :slight_smile:

When you instantiate an object (clone) it will also return the gameobject that you can store as a variable.

public GameObject Original;
private List<GameObject> _clones = new List<GameObject>();

public void Start()
    for (int i=0; i < 10; i++)
        var clone = Instantiate(Original, new Vector3(0,0,0), Quaternion.identity);

    // When you're done with them destroy all the clones
    foreach (var cloneObj in _clones)