How do i reference a path as a sprite?

I created a Gun class with a constructor. One of the properties is a sprite. I made a “Weapons” script to handle all the guns that i create. When i use the new keyword to create a new instance of the class, i need to feed with values and a sprite. And i cant figure out, how to give it a path to a Sprite and use it. I tried something and it doesnt work.

public Gun pistol = new Gun(10, 10f, new Vector2(1.175f, 0.07f), "Pistol",1  , 50, 7, Resources.Load("Assets/Sprites/Pistol") as Sprite);

Ignore all the values except the one with “Resources.Load”. There i need to give it a Sprite somehow. Like i mentioned, in the Gun class (It inherits from another class where the property is) is a property of type Sprite. Do i need to change it or is there a way i can create an instance of the class and give it a Sprite without referencing it in the inspector?

public class Gun : Weapon
    public float FireRate { get; set; }
    public float Spread { get; set; }

    public Gun(float damage, float rotationSpeed, Vector3 attackPoint, string name, int id, float fireRate,
        float spread, Sprite sprite) : base(damage, rotationSpeed, attackPoint, name, id, sprite)
        Damage = damage;
        RotationSpeed = rotationSpeed;
        AttackPoint = attackPoint;
        Name = name;
        ID = id;
        FireRate = fireRate;
        Spread = spread;

I’m fairly new to this, but I was told that when using a relative path, it’s expecting there to be a Resources folder within Assets.

So maybe try creating that folder, put your sprites folder inside it and using


You may need the extension .png, .jpg as well. But the <Sprite> value is needed I think. Maybe that helps?