How do I refresh the scene using NavMeshAgent

I have a small scene I baked on to the nav mesh agent, and I want to add some more objects. I make sure they are static and I click “bake”, but the agent still goes through them.

Do I need to wait until my scene is done before I add a NavMeshAgent? Or is there a way to add to the baking as I go?

No, you don’t need to wait until your scene is done before adding NavMeshAgents.

When you bake, Unity creates a NavMesh that defines where NavMeshAgents are allowed to travel. When the Navigation tab is active, the Scene View window will color the travel-able area in blue. (Make sure Show NavMesh is checked.) When you add new static objects, you just need re-bake.

If there’s blue under your new objects, then the bake didn’t work the way you expected. Make sure the objects are at least marked Navigation Static.