How do I remove a prop from a model in Unity?

Forgive me. I am new to Unity.

I bought a model of a humanoid character from the asset store. This character has two huge axes in its hands. The axes clip with the ground after applying a running animation. How can I remove the axes from the model’s hands?

I went into the model in the inspector, and I can see the separate pieces for the axes. Do I just delete these pieces from the model? If so, what if I want the axes later? Is there a way to just disable only the axes from within the inspector or something similar? I am hoping for a non-code answer that doesn’t require third party applications.

Once put into a scene you can simply deactivate the mesh renderer (green) or the entire mesh (blue) by using the check boxes in the Inspector.

alt text

You can then create a prefab by dragging the scene Model into a folder in your Project.

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