How do I remove RectTransform from a prefab?

Using Unity 5.0.1, I can add a RectTransform component to a GameObject and then make a prefab, but when I try to ‘undo’ that, the ‘remove component’ option is not available. Is there someway to remove the RectTransform or add the regular Transform component?
Or do I just have to destroy and rebuild the prefab?

Click on cog of RectTransform you want to destroy and then “Remove Component”:

alt text

If some other component is dependant on it then Editor will let you know and you should delete that component firstly:

alt text

Or if you want to do it via code then:


P.S. Well prefab is whole different story then. If you want to remove it from prefab then do this:

Drag&drop your prefab to Hierarchy view => Remove RectTransform component from instantiated prefab => Delete your prefab => Drag&drop newly instantiated object to the place where your prefab was and it will create new prefab without RectTransform with exactly the same name.

Last 2 steps can be swapped, but then newly created prefab will be named “YourPrefabName 1” and you will need to rename it after deletion of original one.