How do I remove terrain texure blending?

Hello, Unity Answers. I have a bit of a problem. I have street tile textures- each seamless and meant to go right next to another texture without any blending of the two. I am using a terrain, so I can sort of tile the textures (Rather than using a blob brush, I set the Brush Size to 1, and the terrain textures are all set to be 3x3 in the inspector. So it is essentially tiling.) My problem is that the terrain blends textures, no matter what I do. A curb texture next to a street texture blends the two at the edges and it looks, to be blunt, stupid. I tried using quads lined up next to one another, and it looks right, but performance wise it is horrible. It is also difficult to edit. Do I have to hack the terrain shader, or something?

How do I remove terrain texture blending?

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(The textures, by the way, are all 512 x 512)

the Unity terrain shader blends the textures. You have to modify the shader yourself, but be aware that the texture placement wont be very precise, depending on how big your terrain is.