How do I repeat a function until a certain condition is met?

I’m trying to make a random solar system thing, and most of it is completed, except for planets spawning on top of each other. Though I did find a solution to this by using Physics.Checksphere. I made a function that returns ‘true’ if the position is taken and ‘false’ if it’s empty (I tested it with debug.log). What I want to know now is how to make the function repeat if the position is taken, selecting another position and then checking again if it’s taken, but also having a fail-safe to stop it from causing an infinite loop.

private void CheckPlanet(string planetTag, float min, float max, int index) {
	if (_planets[index].CompareTag(planetTag)) {
		if (!GameObject.Find(_planets[index].name + "(Clone)"))
			float yAxis = Random.Range(min, max);
			Vector3 spawnPos = new Vector3(0, yAxis, 0);
			if (PositionTaken(spawnPos)) {
				// This is where it goes if the position is taken
			} else {
				InstantiatePlanet(yAxis, index);
		} else {
			int newIndex = Random.Range(0, _planets.Length);

Never mind, I’m an idiot. I just had to make a loop inside the function that repeats a limited number of times, and if a position is found just break the loop.