How do i replace an image file in the Assets folder?

Hi ,
a basic question but I haven’t found an answer.
Which is the proper way of replacing 2D sprite image file (updating it with a new version) in the Assets folder ?



  1. Select image in project then right-click, then select “Show In Finder” or “Show in Explorer” option.
  2. Now image will be shown in the file explorer, copy the image name and rename the updated image you have store somewhere else with the same image name.
  3. copy this new image in the folder of old image and replace image when copying.
  4. Done. you have replaced image successfully.

Thank you! swappy123 for your prompt and detailed advice.
I’ll give it a try.

I guess reading the following that the meta file will remain the same.

Meta files and asset files

Important: Meta files contain important information about how the asset is used in the Project, and they must stay with the asset file they relate to. If you move or rename an asset within Unity’s own Project window, Unity also automatically moves or renames the corresponding .meta file. However, if you move or rename an asset outside of Unity (that is, in Windows Explorer, or Finder on macOS), you must move or rename the .meta file to match.

If an asset loses its meta file (for example, if you move or rename the asset outside of Unity, but don’t move or rename the corresponding .meta file), any reference to that asset is broken in your project. In this situation, Unity notices that the asset does not have a corresponding meta file, generates a new one for the moved/renamed asset as if it is a brand new asset, and deletes the old “orphaned” .meta file