How do I report bugs against

This is a complete list of reported bugs and issues of this page and all feature requests of this other site.

If you find anything strange with the site, please check the list if it’s already been reported.

If so, find the appropriate answer and use comments to add any additional insight or experience that might help resolve the issue.

If not, post an answer and edit it into the list (at the top of the respective topic for convenience) and we will investigate.

[Annotation: Some issues might already be sorted out, but I still added them for completeness, and noted them with ‘[fixed?]’; please move to ‘solved’ and strike if fixed or remove the ‘[fixed?]’ if this still happened to you within the last 2 weeks or so… - Greetz, Ky.]

Request: Mods, please tell us: What’s going on? =)

[Please Note: The following list is an example of what Ky found here and there sprinkled all over the place; this might not necessarily be accurate and up-to-date! Some Mod please correct this, pretty please! =) ]

What we are currently working on:

  • dynamically updated List of “Karma-Count → Abilities” for the FAQ

should be online: today! …?

  • we suggested the no-bump-button for edits to qato.

They said: …?

What’s on the to-do list, but other issues are more pressing:

  • Bounty-system

What’s currently not planned:

  • ?

What should be planned:

  • A notification system

Displaying, Formatting, Navigation


  • The <marquee> tag renders correctly in the preview, but not on the actual site.
  • Each time a new “List item” is added after hitting enter while creating a list, the cursor is moved to the end of the whole post instead of the end of the “List item” (minor thing but very annoying…)
  • The formatting on this page sometimes disappear from time to time, looking like image (hopefully) attached in answer below. To fix it, all I have to do is edit the page and save it (without making any changes).
  • Picture uploading doesn’t work and linking to external images seems spotty.
  • Sometimes images aren’t shown, and instead it prints the Markdown code. See here for an example: Using arrays of vector3s to avoid new - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions (Edit: and now the image is shown. Could it have something to do with the fact that the answer is accepted now, and before it wasn’t? Or maybe the number of comments has something to do with it? Or it’s just random…)
  • Sometimes when you try to format a code it will sometimes add “125” at the start and at the end of the code.
  • Formatting code, numbered lists and bulleted lists does not work correctly (details in answers below).
  • Dates shown below questions in lists (such as search results, etc.) do not always show the year. (The year is necessary to judge relevance, especially for issues that might have been fixed, policies of UA [i.e. before or after the plunge to QATO], etc.).
  • Many people think “Your answer” means “Your reply” (it does in English), change to “Answer your own Question”, if user==asker


  • Syntax highlighting.
  • In Question- and Tag-Lists, have the navigation (go to next page etc) jump by 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 pages
  • Request: In Question- and Tag-Lists, have a duplicate of the navigation at the top of the page.
  • Make the Edit and Comment button bigger and the Answer-Button smaller
  • Formatting buttons should be available for comments as well as questions and answers
  • Stronger separation between Question and Answers



  • Search reports more results than can be really found, or the “next” and numbered-page buttons are broken. For example, search for ‘quest’ says 24 results. Showing 15 per page, on 2 pages, but I cannot go to page 2 (using either the next button or the 2 button); it gives “No query entered or no results found”.
  • Proper && and || Operators for the search.

Currently, when searching terms by adding +, jumping to the next page of search-results removes the +.

e.g. I search ‘+master +server’ to only get questions with both terms, on the next page all questions with ‘master’ and all with ‘server’ are displayed. There is no way (not even via url; the + remain in the url but are not heeded) to look at any results except for the first 15.

  • Include Tags in the Search Searching for a word that is also a tag does not give all the questions tagged with that tag.


Karma, Badges, Awards


  • Reasons for Karma increases/decreases are not reported. Part of the point of Karma is to show people what gets rewarded and what gets penalized. DONE
  • Karma history does not show decreases (at least, not the decreases due to down voting other questions / answers).
  • The FAQ does not explain what karma is and what amount of karma gives which privileges. DONE - Karma doesn’t really give privileges
  • The tools provided by high karma are not explained There are none
  • The badge count does not reflect the total of your earned (including multiples) badges DONE


  • Upvotes on Comments should give some Karma.
  • Badges as a vote- and accept-incentive (Badge for 200 votes, voting on 30 consecutive (week)days, accepting 10 answers).
  • Some sort of bounty system (mod-annotation: probably a future feature)



  • For some users, the message that a post has been edited (left of ‘author + time-stamp of creation’) show up only on one’s own posts. They can’t see whether a foreign post is original by the author or has been tempered with. (Not even if they edited a foreign post themselves).
  • If foreign Comments can be edited, they need a revision-history
  • If foreign Comments can be edited, show who did the edit
  • When editing a comment, it always reverts to the first revision. Nasty, for instance, when making a small correction in revision 3 to a lengthy revision 2. – This can be ‘fixed’ by reloading the page before revision 3 (works also while revision 3. Won’t destroy revision 2)
  • [fixed?] When editing certain lengthy questions the editor will display part of the question and then show what seems to be HTML source code of the website. Example here, in the editor window after line "if(transform.position.y ".
  • When editing certain lengthy answers only the first part of the answer will show up in the editor. When pressing save the rest of the answer is lost.
  • Sometimes, when editing a Question with a headline with quotationmarks, everything after the first " will be cropped.
  • Any edit is noted as ‘activity’ and bumps on the ‘active’-questions-list. Please add a ‘this edit is no activity’-button! (Grammar- and Formatting-fixing and Mass-retagging are very annoying for the community and the retagger gets punished because he’ll be considered a nuisance and his genuine posts will be somewhat ignored).
  • When there is any activity in a Topic, the active user will be displayed in the Question-listings, the author isn’t. All questions should show their respective author at all times. Showing active users would be ‘merely’ a plus.
  • Sometimes the count for number of answers is off, sometimes even as -1. Example: Also this question counter said -1, and 0 after a first answer.




  • Tag counts are inconsistent with the number of questions displayed when clicking on that tag. (For instance, ‘quest’ is shown to have 6 questions, but clicking on it only gives 5; this is especially annoying if the tag is in fact entirely empty but still show 1 or 2 questions - they are not removed from the list).
  • [fixed?] When you create a question with 5 tags, then edit it, all the tags disappear except for the first one.
  • Often clicking on a dropdown option when tagging does not autocomplete (eg. I type ‘swi’ and select ‘switch’, I receive the tag ‘swi’; this may be an opera-issue?)
  • Regularly while tagging, no dropdown options show up. (probably a mayor reason for so many differently spelled tags for the same thing?!) Only deleting several or all tags and starting new gives dropdowns again. (may have something to do with typing space after the ‘,’ and before the first letter of the next tag [unconfirmed])
  • often a ‘button-i-fied’ Tag is deleted, when I only want to delete the first letter of the next Tag (in ‘still-typing-mode’) via backspace
  • You can add tags with a DOT e.g: ‘Vector3.Distance’ or ‘.Net’ etc., but they are all BROKEN (and since they are broken, they are very hard to find & fix)


  • Remove the possibility to have spaces in Tags. Replace all existing spaces with dashes.
  • Sort the Tag-list in columns instead of rows.
  • A proper Tag-search (not only via the URL), with && and || operators!

Questions, Answers, Comments


  • No marked answer in this example. But in a list of questions I see it listed as green…?
  • Questions can have more then one accepted answer. I believe this happens when a pre-qato accepted answer gets changed, you’ll have an old SO accepted answer and a QATO accepted answer. Example here. (I have seen questions with three accepted answers - will post a link when I come across one again - so I think the SO / QATO analysis is wrong).
  • [fixed?] There is no feedback when the Ajax request for posting a comment has been sent.
  • [fixed?] sometimes an answer gets added to a completely different question (e.g. when answering the very first question and a new question is posted, the answer is added to the now newest question.)


  • Radiobuttons for posting new Question: ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’, ‘Advanced’, so questions can be filtered by classification.
  • While typing an answer, have a notification if someone else already replied.
  • Refresh page without deleting typed answers. If this is difficult to implement, then the notification (see previous Request) should somehow display the new answer without loosing what you typed; if all else fails, open a new window
  • When answering your own question, have a confirmation-popup like “Do you really want to answer your own question? If this is just a clarification, please use ‘add a comment’”

Close, Redirect, Links


  • When closing a question, the option for re-opening it no longer appears, and using the close option again results in an error about not having permission to do it.
  • [fixed?] drop-down selections for closing questions doesn’t work
  • [fixed?] Email notification links are broken. Some are bad uris and some generate exceptions. (e.g. or http://users/347/statement.html )
  • “Close as duplicate” does not work as expected. The raw link is just displayed and it is not even clickable. Instead of [closed] put [duplicate] followed by a grey box below the title “this question is a possible duplicate of title” (with ‘title’ being automatically added as clickable when just pasting the URL). Voting could/should be involved, too.


  • ChrisD’s pie-in-the-sky feature request: automatic tagging for each function directly to the scripting reference page :smiley:
  • Direct Links to answers (e.g. when following a link of an answer-notification), the whole thread and all functionality should be there and just the display should jump to the appropriate answer (just like when following a comment-notification)
  • Have votes for closing questions

Law and Order


  • CC License at bottom of page: icon is CC BY NC SA, yet link is CC BY, both should be CC BY.


  • Users below 15 Rep should be able to comment on other people’s answer, at very least in their own question… they are constantly getting bashed for not commenting even though they simply can’t!
  • Users below 25 Rep can only post once every ~10 Minutes to prevent spam
  • Users below 50 Rep should not be able to create new tags
  • Users below 50 Rep have a highlighted textblock above each answer: “Mark this as ‘the answer’ if it helped to finally solve your problem, or upvote if it was in some way helpful. Useful answers appear above less useful answers. Please help us keeping things organized. Thank you. This Box will go away when you reach 50 Karma”
  • Users below 50 Rep have a highlighted textblock above questions they are browsing: “Upvote this question if it helped you solve your problem or taught you cool stuff. Please help us keeping things organized. Thank you. This Box will go away when you reach 50 Karma”
  • Users who recently gained the power of editing and retagging (currently between 400 and 500 rep), have a (not as obtrusively) highlighted textblock above each question: “See an inappropriate title or tag for the question? Please fix it and comment, so the user will learn. Thank you. This Box will go away when you reach 450 Karma” (“How do I raycast to draw a laser?” → “How do I use a LineRenderer to draw a laser?” etc)
  • Have the ‘most voted’ page reflect both votes of the question and of the votes of its answers.
  • Have a list of most frequently asked newbie questions with links to the answers in the FAQ (“how do I make something happen when I click something?” etc)



  • [fixed?] Viewing this page with Firefox on Mac can cause problems. (probably due to size?) Browser hangs every 10-20 seconds and eventually shows a ‘Warning: unresponsive script’ (full warning see answer by jahroy below)
  • highlight whole names, even if the second part is only one letter @Peter G (meh, now it’s not highlighting at all -.-’ see one of the first comments here for an example )
  • It doesn’t remember ‘sort questions by’ (newest/hotest/active/etc).
  • (some people?) can’t see revisions on community wiki questions
  • There is no way to see if someone has commented/answered on your answer/question other then an email message. An in-site system is a must


[didn’t want to put the following as an official request as they are debatable, but for completeness…]

  • Vote- and accept-incentive maybe by making questions go up on the list if they have more voted and marked questions
  • when sorting by votes, sorting-order of same-vote-amount-answers isn’t clear.

Solved Issues

  • (fixed 11/7/23) Undead Tags that are applied x0 are still shown as dropdown-options when tagging

  • (fixed 11/7/23) Clicking on a question suggested as similar in the title bar gives a ‘Page Not Found’ / ‘HTTP Status 400’ error.

  • (fixed 11/7/23) Request: Please label the Searchbox.

  • (fixed 11/7/23, by vote, newest, oldest)Request: Sorting for Answers of one Question (by vote, newest, active)

  • (fixed 11/7/23) When following a direct link to an answer, can’t comment on it or edit

  • (fixed date?) direct links to answers don’t work

  • (fixed 11/5/21) When the “Post Comment” button is clicked a second time before it finishes loading the first comment, it posts two comments. (Ok, we’ll fix. Meanwhile, don’t click twice.)

  • (fixed 11/5/21) It seems that when I close an answer and select “The question was answered. Right question was accepted” the question gets closed - but the name will change to [closed] as opposed to [solved], and underneath the question it will read: closed by me, reason duplicate question… which is obviously not the case.

  • (fixed 11/5/20) Typing an URL into a comment doesn’t automatically make it into a link (e.g.,

  • (fixed 11/5/20) When you search for something, you get a page with related questions. If you click go to next page, or click on a page number, it does not show a new page, but rather adds in that number of questions. For instance, on page one is displays suggested question [1-20], so on page two it should show [21-40], but instead it shows [2,21], and on page three [3,22], etcetera.

  • (fixed 11/5/20) Email notification links are broken. Some are bad uris and some generate exceptions.

  • (fixed 11/5/20) The site won’t display attributes in scripts. Try to type this, for instance.

  • (fixed 11/5/20) GMail OpenID urls are broken.

  • (fixed 11/5/20) Can’t tag a question with a # character

  • (fixed 11/5/19, mostly) Reputation seems to be implemented differently (aka more than 10 rep for an up-vote)

  • (fixed 11/5/19) Comments go from bottom to top in chronological order, instead of vice-versa.

  • (fixed 11/5/19) It is not possible to mark your an answer to your question as ‘the answer’.

  • FAQ and About links go nowhere.

  • (fixed 11/5/19) When you go to a question, there is a “Related Questions” bar on the right. The current question always appears on the top of the list.

  • (fixed 11/5/19) The Unity login doesn’t seem to work.

  • (fixed 11/5/19) Two empty side-bar boxes.

  • (Not a bug. Just use commas) Allowing multi-word tags containing spaces is very confusing, since most people use space as a tag separator, which creates many unintentional unique multi-word-tags.

  • (Not a bug; your email is not displayed to other users, only yourself.) You HAVE to display your email in your profile section and you are unable to remove it.(Which I prefer).

  • (Not a bug) There is no 5-minute “grace period” for editing your answers like there was with StackExchange. Apparently even immediate edits make an “edited” link, which IMO adds a little bit of unnecessary clutter.

  • (Not supported) Hovering the cursor over a question title doesn’t show a preview of the question.

New Features:

  • mods can now add new actions on the fly - including one like “mark as a FAQ”
  • only 5 Answers per Page, only 5 Comments per Answer

Another inconvenience compared to the old version…

In old UA I could click the small “envelope” icon next to my user name and see recent responses to my answers and also recent votes/accepted answers. This doesn’t seem to be the case in QATO and makes it difficult to follow up my activity.

The code highlighting doesn’t work (no colors).

Another little question: Do we get a on-page-notification system like in the old unity-answers? I’m not a friend of checking emails just to see whether somebody replied to my comment/answer or not. Maybe i’ve missed where the little mail icon is gone or where i can find this feature but it would be a pitty if emails are the only way to get notifications …

The overall look is quite nice. A stronger seperation between question/answer and comments would be nice.


It seems a lot of the markup doesn’t work. The preview is showing it correctly, but the actual post looks different.
If you set up a list it get sometimes messed up.

Comments now go from bottom to top (chronologically) instead of the old top to bottom, which made more sense. Especially when you have to spread out a single comment over two posts because of the length.

Edit: This has obviously been fixed now. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to close a question; I want to vote to close it. One person shouldn’t have the power that we are offered.

Also, the colors on this site are putrid. Pick an end of the saturation slider.

On the old UA, when writing an answer to a question, you would get a warning if an answer had been posted since you started writing. You could also ‘load in’ the answers without the page refreshing and the answer you’re writing being lost. This was quite useful to avoid looking like a ninja’d idiot or wasting your time looking things up that have in the mean time already been posted.

There is no feedback when the Ajax request for posting a comment has been sent. Thus it is very easy to double post.

I’ve just cleaned up a question which had six double postings of a comment.

Optimally, the post button should be disabled or removed once the request has been sent and a loading indicator displayed.

In regards to the multi-word tags, I have to say that allowing spaces is a design bug. It may be trivially easy to use commas, but a lot of people don’t seem to realize that…look at all the useless multi-word tags we have already, where 99% of them should be separate single-word tags instead. I’d recommend enforcing proper tagging like StackExchange did, where you can have multi-word tags by using dashes.

Another quite serious one. Myself and some other users are unable to mark our questions as answered. No “tick” is visible next to any of the answers to my question. Original report here:

EDIT - this is fixed now

Can’t tag a question with a # character. (Possibly more)

I was trying to tag something as C#, and it kept giving me an error, despite the system recognizing that there are many with the C# tag already.

Many people seem to have trouble to separate tags by commas, and just use spaces instead. However, this creates many useless unique multi-word tags, which always would need to be re-edited by some kind soul to make sense.

Just take a look at the “Recent Tags” list on the Unity Answers home page - most tags are unintentional multi-word lists. Or look at the “Questions” page: at any given time, 3-5 of the listed questions have unintentional multi-word tags.

Would it be possible to disallow multi-word tags and include a whitespace as a tag separator? One can still use the “-” to do pseudo-multi-word tagging (e.g., “editor-scripting” etc.)

Users can post more than one Answer by leaving a comment first and then Converting to Answer

It seems that QATO doesn’t support direct links to answers. I can’t see the old answer id somewhere. Old direct links to answers (with answerid and fragment identifier) are broken. If you remove the “/ID#ID” at the end they lead you to the question but there’s no way to target a specific answer.


Ok just figured out that direct links are possible. So old links in questions or answers have to be converted to the new link format.

The new link to an answer looks like this:

The Unity login doesn’t seem to work. I go to login, click on the Unity login icon, enter my name, click Login, and then instead of logging in it takes me to a new user signup page.

When you go to a question, there is a “Related Questions” bar on the right. The current question always appears on the top of the list. A minor problem but a bit redundant in my opinion.

Well, another little issue.

The date/time when an answer or a question was posted looks like this:
asked Apr 06 at 07:02
In the old UnityAnswers if you hover over this text you get a tooltip which gives you the full date (including the year). It’s quite hard to determine how old a question is (since unity answers is older than a year ;)). I don’t ask to implement the old behaviour since it wasn’t really intuitive.
It would be nice to add the year (at least when it’s not from the current year).

Some minor badge notes…

It says next to my name I have 18 bronzes when I actually have 5.
Also some of the values for badges were changed (specifically the “famous question” ones) - but I’m guessing this was intentional.

Email notification links are broken. Some are bad uris and some generate exceptions.

Here are two links from a recent email, none that work:

and an obviously uri error:


It doesn’t remember ‘sort questions by’ (newest/hotest/active/etc). I prefer ‘newest’ because it’s the least subjective and most relevant to me.

Answers to questions you post occasionally get added to completely different questions. This has happened twice today.

I was trying to report a bug right here, and when I hit post, it got added as an answer to this question instead: