How do I respawn my character after I die?

I am making a game in which my main character is a PlayerCar and once a demon hits it, it “dies” and will respawn at the starting point. I have tried all kinds of scripts but it doesnt work and when I die, it takes me to a blank screen.

If you only want to go back to the start on death, that is very easy to do. Find the script that handles your car death and instead of destroying it or whatever, move it to the start and reset any variables (like health).

vector3 startPosition = new vector3(0f,0f,0f); //Center of the world

//Something happens to make the car die

car.transform.position = startPosition; = 100f;
car.fuel = 250f;
//reset any other variables here

If just moving the car to the start is not enough, you will have to show us some code that you have, so we can help you.