How do I RETURN to a Level in a Different location

I am trying to Return to a Level I just left and, of course, I can not enter the Level at the place where I started on that level. My START location is about 2000 from the place I am returning to the land in.
Is there a LOCATION designation for the Character Player to Appear when Entering a Level, besides putting the player there?

You need a persistent (DontDestroyOnLoad) GameObject or else use PlayerPrefs to store the player’s progress, and two or more Vector3 variables representing different spawn points.

Then, in OnLevelWasLoaded, if they have completed the first objective, place them at the second point, if not, place them at the first point.

You are probably going to use dontdestroyonload on the player or some other object. It doesn’t have to be the player but some gameobject must survive the level transition with the necessary information, hence the usefulness of that function.