How do I Rotate charactercontroller Capsule in X or Z?

I want to use CharacterController on a quadruped like a dog or horse, but the capsule collider of a CC is always vertical. If I rotate the object the CC is attached the Capsule collider stays vertical. I also tried scaleing the GameObject but it has no affect on the CC Capsule collider.

Any ideas how to change the oreitation of the Capsule collider of a Character controller?

You can't change the rotation of a character controller. It's always aligned to world space. The character controller simply doesn't work like other colliders, in terms of setup.

Wow, I have been dealing with this issue for a few days now. Seems to me that this is a common scenario for Unity Game Development, but I can't find an answer to this problem. How do you solve this? What is the recommended way to create character controller components for quadruped animals? It should be an easy way to achieve it, right? I have tried adding BoxColliders and other type of colliders to child objects, but they don't seem to work.

Could you add an empty gameobject to the animal, add the capsule collider to that, then rotate the empty gameobject?

Yes it is possible to add any kind of collider to the animal child GO. What I'm not sure is what else I need to do to actually get the hits. I mean, the animal child object has a box collider which is a little bigger than the animal model mesh, and the box collider itself is bigger than the Character Controller capsule collider, but I still have the issue where I can stick the head of the animal into other characters.

I think I might be missing something, and I'm not sure if adding the Box Collider is enough, or if I need to add any scripting code to my Third Person Controller script.

Ok so after digging all around the Internet, including Unity official forums and answers, and even Thesis studies of Computer Animation Graphics using Unity, it seems that there's no way around the Character Controller default Capsule Collider. Either you don't use it at all, and use a primitive collider and create your own scripts, or use the default Character Controller.

Now the trick that kind of works, is to modify the default capsule collider to be very high and have the radius cover your model mesh. You need to make sure the capsule's height is high, otherwise characters will be able to walk over the CC capsule. This way you get better side collisions, sacrificing top collisions precision.

Let's hope that in Unity 3 we can modify the capsule to make different shapes, to match not only humanoid forms, but also animals and crazy shaped creatures.


And this was wished for in Unity 3? How about 5 and onward? No. It still does not exist. Oh the friggin pain of free shat!