How do I rotate one eye in a VR camera?


I’m trying to rotate one eye in a VR camera. More specifically I’m trying permanently offset the rotation of one eye by a few degrees. This is for people who have misaligned eyes. I’m open to a solution that uses either the unitycamera(with the trick of using two VR cameras and and rendering one eye per camera) or using the oculus OVRCameraRig. Any help would be appreciated!


I’ve found a way to control each eye separately using Steam’s camera rig. By default it has only one camera whose “Target Eye” is set to “Both”. Add a second camera and set the cameras’ target eyes to “Left” and “Right”. This is to allow separate control of each eye.
Next add empty game objects as parents for each camera. I called mine “servo”. The result hierarchy looks like this:

These “servo” objects allow you to add your rotation. Rotate a “servo” object to rotate its eye. All the while the cameras’ local rotation will keep getting updated according to HMD rotation.


Could you tell me the steps to do that ? I don’t know a thing about Unity or else… How do you set up those things in Steam ? What should I download or open ? Thanks