How do I rotate the cubes in the XRIDebug sample?

In the XRIDebug Scene in the PolySpatial (0.7.1) sample, I was able to confirm with the simulator and device that I can grab and move the two cubes. However, although the cubes can be moved, they do not seem to follow the rotation of the manipulating hand. What can I do to make the cube also rotate when I turn my wrist?

Try using Option key and mouse left click to activate two gestures and move. It worked for me. I Hope it helps

FYI - The volume camera has to be set to unbounded and worked for me in the vision os simulator.

Thx, I tried it.
On the simulator, using the two gestures, I was able to move the cube in the direction of depth in 3 dimensions.
If possible, I would like to look at the back side of the cube using only one hand. Imagine holding a smartphone in your hand that is turned upside down and looking at the screen.