How do I save a screenshot to the gallery on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 or above?


Looks like there’s been a change in a recent version of Android that causes existing methods of saving screenshots, images, etc. to the Gallery to fail. Previous methods that worked on 2.3.7 no longer work on 4.4.2

For instance, Gallery Screenshot no longer works at the time of writing. I’ve contacted the author.

Saving images to the device does work (I can view them manually with a File Manager App), but getting Android to use the media scanner to repopulate the Gallery App doesn’t work. In fact, it’s not even showing up in the Gallery if I reboot…

Anyone know how this might be achieved? Perhaps using AndroidJavaClass to call the relevant Java commands? My knowledge of Android isn’t great, so I might be totally wrong here :slight_smile:

This appears to be a similar problem using a different plugin.


We made a plugin which is compatible on iOS and Android , easy to use unified API and battle tested!

Cross Platform Native Plugins

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