How do I save a unity web player game for offline play?

Ive been playing this game online that requires me to install the unity web player in order to play it and at times I dont have internet.

Is there anyway to save the game onto my harddrive so I can play it offline?
Ive tried to view the source of it so I could find a .swf file as you would do for flash games but I guess its different.

  1. wait till the game completely loads
  2. right click anywhere on the page and choose save page as
  3. you should be having one folder and an html file
  4. open the folder and search for a .unity3d file copy that file and save it on your hard drive
  5. sometimes you will not find a .unity3d file but instead you will find a large .txt having the name of your game copy it and save it to your hard drive then change the extension from .txt to .unity3d
  6. after you have done all the previous steps open your browser (which should have unity web player add on installed) then drag and drop the .unity3d file in you browser
  7. enjoy
  8. i hope i have answered your question

In firefox, go /view/page source or if you have developer tools, open that,
search for ‘unity3d’ If the webplayer link was
you should see something like mygame.unity3d, just substitute unity3d for html,
I use Getright (free?) to ‘enter new url’. Then firefox should open any .unity3d file
if you right click, or you can open file

It doesn’t show a .txt or.unity3d file for me (it does use WebGL),For me I don’t see a .txt file or .unity3d file (it is using WebGL if that has anything to do with it and the site doesn’t end in .html