How do I save an array of all different variables?

Hello friends!
I have a game here, where the huge rectangle shows I have 3 red balls in play, and the capsule at the bottom-right shows that I have 3 more red balls in my pocket!

alt text

I need to save an array of all the red balls I have in my pocket, and their important properties. Each ball has these properties assigned to it:

GameManager.Teams team = GameManager.Teams.Red;
GameManager.Type type = GameManager.Type.Attack;
float HEALTHmax = 100;
float Size = 1;
float Damage = 25;
float TimerMax = 100;
Color ballColor =;

I want to store an array that defines the balls I have in my pocket, and all of their relevant properties, in C# on my GameManager script. I don’t know which Class to use, or how to write that!

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Is your ball a class? As in the above variables are in a single script called something like “Ball”?

If so, you’ll probably want to use a List. Here’s a tutorial about Lists that makes it easy: