How do I scale a vector from another vector?

I’m trying to manipulate a mass cloud of vectors and the one thing that has left me stumped is how do I scale them from a center vector?

My code thus far can scale the mass from world center, but I want to be able to see the mass scale from my 3D cursor that I define.

So, basically, this is the section of code that loops through all the points. Looks fairly simple, but I can’t seem to think of how to change the scale origin.

point.position=point.position*(1+(Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y"))/200);

Any help would be appreciated.

should be something like

vectorToScale.transform.position = vectorToScale.position - centerVector.position * ScaleValue;

that assumes uniform scaling. you could also do non uniform(scaling on one axis more than another) by multiplying by a vector instead of a float.

that will basically take however far the vectors are away from the center object and move them a set distance further away. which is basically scaling for the purposes of dealing with one vector to another.

Is that what you want?