How do I script a cursor to scroll, and select a button with keys

I have created my menu and would like to be able to use the arrow keys to cursor through the buttons with a square highlighting button, and then select one of the buttons. How do I do this in c#? I have googled as many things as I can but no results for what I am looking for. Don’t really process to go about doing this?

Have a script that has an Array of all of your buttons that you want to scroll through. Keep track of which button the player has selected via an index, then update that index with Input in Update().

Sort of pseudocode:

class ButtonSelector : MonoBehaviour {
	public Button[] Buttons;
	public int SelectedIndex;

	void Update() {
		if (Input.GetKeyDown(Key.Right)) SelectedIndex++;
		else if (Input.GetKeyDown(Key.Left)) SelectedIndex--;
		else if (Input.GetKeyDown(Key.Enter)) Buttons[SelectedIndex].Press();

		if (SelectedIndex < 0) SelectedIndex = Buttons.Length - 1;
		else if (SelectedIndex >= Buttons.Length) SelectedIndex = 0;