How do I see which gamepad button names are being pressed?

There is the following page, but maybe the mapping is not correct for me. For example, I can open Edit → Project Settings → Input, find “Jump” and set it to “joystick button 0” but then Input.GetButtonDown("Jump") in Update() never returns true.
alt text

Is there a way to instead print all input events and their names that unity gets so I don’t have to use trial and error?

I’ve found this snippet does the job.

    if (m_logInput){
        foreach(KeyCode kcode in Enum.GetValues(typeof(KeyCode)))
            if (Input.GetKeyDown(kcode))
                Debug.Log("KeyCode down: " + kcode);

(adding [SerializeField] bool m_logInput = false; to the class so it can be toggled)