how do I set a variable to the key im pressing

hello everyone, you know how its almost indispensable in a game to not have your number keys select an item. Well that is what I’m trying to do. anyway i do not want to have 9 if-statements to check when i pressed certain button. logically the first ting i thought of was a switch statement, but i do not now how to do it. i tried the following:

switch (Input.getKeyDown(keycode)){

and this:

public string keyPressed;

void Update () {

    keyPressed = Input.GetKeyDown;

    switch (keyPressed){

some one know a way to store the key press in a variable pls tell me because im craking my head open attempting to do it.

best regards to you all,

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour 
	Event e;
	string lastKeyPressed = "";
	bool keydown = false;
	void OnGUI()
		e = Event.current;
		if(e.type.Equals(EventType.KeyDown) && !keydown)
			keydown = true;
			lastKeyPressed = e.keyCode.ToString ();
			keydown = false;
		GUILayout.Label("Last Key Pressed - " + lastKeyPressed);

i recommend a fasttrack of c#, any c# in 10 mins can help you
and about the Switch statement

case "A": break;