How do I set or change the default preview model for Mecanim editor playback?

I’m working with the example Mecanim package for unity 4 and I’ve added my own character. But the preview of the blend trees always shows the default model that unity provided. I want to test my model in the editor preview window. I can’t seem to find a way to set it to be a different model.

How can I do this?

If you really want to change the default preview model of Unity so that you don’t have to drag and drop another model, you just need to put your own model in this place :

Assets/Editor Default Resources/Avatar/DefaultAvatar.fbx

Note that your model should be renamed DefaultAvatar.fbx and imported as humanoid.

Sheesh, so I apparently figured it out in seconds after posting. For anyone else looking for this info.

Drag and drop the model source file into the animation preview window. I guess it didn’t work for me the first time I tried.

Also make sure your model fits the bone type (Bipedal, or Generic)