How do I set rect pivot?

Seems like setting it in the sprite import doesn’t work and parenting moves parents pivot. ._.

I couldn’t move around the Pivot of the Rect Transform because it was kind of deactivated (semi transparent).
The Pivot Setting in the main Unity Editor UI (in the upper left corner, right to the editor tool bar) has to be set to Pivot (not Center). Then it works.

I don’t understand what you mean by “rect”, but since you used the “ui” tag I guess you’re talking about unity’s new UI, you added an Image game object on a canvas and set a sprite you imported as the “Source Image” on the Image component of that Image game object. That’s what you did?

If that’s the case, when you rotate that game object it rotates from the center, not from the pivot.

Well, from all that guessing, if you want to set the pivot you have a “Pivot” property in the Rect Transform of the Image game object. Pivots go from 0 to 1, 0 means left (for x) and bottom (for y), 1 means right or top.

All the other things I could imagine from your message use the pivot selected on the Sprite Editor.

  • Added a Sprite directly as a child of the Canvas and it rotates from the pivot.
  • Added a Sprite on the scene (outside the canvas) and it rotates from the pivot.