How do I set up eye pupil specific UV animation in Unity?

I have a character that I set up controls to drive the pupil UVs in Maya to grow and shrink. Is there any approach to mirror this functionality in Unity? I cannot use the UV tiling and offsetting as this texture also has the rest of the characters UVs on it? If nothing else, I guess making a separate texture and shader just for this effect would work, right? Just not the most efficient approach.

Yeah I think a separate texture would be the way to go. It’s just a black dot, shouldn’t be too much of a waste.

So I would rather not create a separate texture for that as I need the iris color to grow and shrink too and rather avoid the extra drawcalls.

I did find that you can move UVs around during runtime, but two problems arose with this.
UV order completely changes from Maya to Unity. Is there a way to return the Maya order?

The other is replicating the scale function of maya uvs inside of unity so that the uvs around the pupil grow and shrink evenly.

Any ideas?