How do I set up my players controller script (How do I change the controls used to move and look)

I’m not to good with scripts, so can some one help me? My player will not use weapons, just do some tasks and will only need to move and look.

Like Muuski said not enough info. What exactly are you asking do you want to know how to make it move in general or do you want to know how to have it switching between camera moving and character?

Yes i agree with Muuskii give more information!!

But for now i can Recommend you to go and check the platformcontroller and FPSInputController of unity You can see that these things are happening with a Character Motor So You Can Handle Player’s Movement with Character motor and reading a little bit of those two code!
But for Looking: See if you are going to use MMO Controller or not!if you are i think you would better Download unity’s MMO controller Example!