How do I set-up the render pipeline asset?

I have a problem with pink materials after upgrading my old materials, and started to use shader graphs. I looked online and the cause is that the graphics settings need to have the render pipeline asset set. I used package manager to install the lightweight render pipeline package but when I go to look for the render pipeline nothing can be found. I reinstalled the package a couple times and there is no clear package to import when I use the right click package importer menu in the explorer tab.

I just had a buddy tell me that I have to CREATE one, then drag it in.
Thought the asset was like a pre-made script or something. Oops.

That works but destroy all my other shaders…how can i solve that?

Moving to the HD Render Pipeline many shaders do not work. For example, legacy materials and many other custom shaders … Too bad.

Thanks for asking and answer urself ! Helps me a lot :slight_smile:

UnityEngine.Rendering.LWRP.LightweightRenderPipelineAsset asset = AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath(assetPath);