How do i shoot particles?

i wanna know how to shoot particle(s).

Hi! I am making a top down tank game and i want to shoot some particles instead of cubes and stuff. I wanna make it like i can upgrade it the further the player goes (like beating a boss). In the beginnig the player can just shoot once a second and after a upgrade maybe twice as fast. And maybe later he can shoot more than one, maybe 3 or more.

When the particle hits a wall or something it splats.

A similar question was asked here, and the OP seemed happy enough with my suggestion, although i'll admit I haven't tried it myself: I based my answer on instantiating prefabs in general. Changing the particle emitter settings through code should get you the upgrade features you suggested (the energy and velocity settings would allow you to control how far/fast it goes for example).

As for actually doing damage, I know that there's an option to have particles send a message on collision with an object, but i'm guessing this could easily run up quite a few messages! An easier method would probably be to do a raycast, maybe in combination with checking the distance, and base the amount of damage off that.

Seeing as it's a tank game, you may not want a stream of particles from the cannon to the target. Instead, you could have one particle emitter to make a puff of smoke when the cannon fires, do a raycast to determine if the shot would hit anything, then instantiate an explosion/swap out the enemy model at the location of the hit. Again, damage could just be based on distance.