How do I simply hide an object in Unity?

Of all things, this has me puzzeled. How do I simply just hide an object?

It’s not as simple as it sounds… I need some way to hide an object that has dozens of root meshes inside it.

I have looked into this code:

// Disable the spring on all HingeJoints 
// in this game object and all its child game objects
var hingeJoints : HingeJoint[];
hingeJoints = GetComponentsInChildren (HingeJoint);
for (var joint : HingeJoint in hingeJoints) {
    joint.useSpring = false;

But, it’s not really set up right… I don’t know… I keep getting a “InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type.” error

This isn't really "hiding" objects, so maybe re-word your question-title for search-purposes if you will.

I’m unsure of if this is the “right” way of doing things, but whenever I do stuff like you’re trying and if I get those same errors, I just change the variable type to component and it’s worked every time (so-far)Although, trying it with particles (I think it was particles anyway) did give me “warning” messages, but not errors.
Anyway, give that a shot wherever you’re trying it →

var hinges : Component[] ;
hinges = gameObject.GetComponentsInChildren(HingeJoint) ;
for(var joint : HingeJoint in hinges){
   joint.useSpring = false ;

It may sound too simple but just park the object off screen. Choose a position that’s behind the camera and miles away.
Make sure that you save the location before moving it then reload the position when you want the object back.