How do I simply re-open and edit a half-made script?

I’m using the trial version, so that may be the problem (maybe they decided to not let me open or save things with the trial version then never told me so).

Anyway, all I want to do is open a C# script that I started writing yesterday so I could finish writing it. I haven’t touched any files having to do with Unity since I started writing the script yesterday, and today I’ve tried every right-click option when I right-click on the file under the Project View in Unity as well as double left-clicking it. This is driving me insane since I can’t even access my work.

(I’m working in Windows OP.)

Thank you to anyone who tries to help.

Thats wierd, it should work. There is a setting somewhere in the Preferences that allows you to change the deafult script editor. That may have been changes, but you can also just open up your assets folder in Windows Explorer and open the script with UniSciTE

Thank you, Futch.

I looked under Preferences and it has UniSciTE set as the External Script Editor.
And I tried right-click then Show in Explorer then Open and Open With but nothing happened.

I did notice, when I looked at the files in Explorer, that the files have this generic image that I think means I’m missing the appropriate program for that file type:

Does this mean I don’t have the program I need to open and work on the script?