How do I smooth edges?

All I need is a way to give my meshes smoother edges. The way I have it now individual pixels can be seen on the edge of a cube for example. Does anyone know how to blur it or something? Maybe their is a render effect of some kind?


You may also be thinking of Anti-Aliasing (google search for it, you'll see right away if its the problem you're seeing), which is not part of smoothing the mesh or blurring textures. If you're seeing unsmooth edges due to aliasing, check for some information. You may need to increase the graphics quality of your game in order to fix it, as it isn't really done in code. There are ways to get around it with different textures and post-render smoothing, but in the end, jagged edges are jagged edges and need to be smoothed with "quality" and it ends up costing a lot of in terms of efficiency. I'd check those settings if you're not seeing it fixed by smoothing groups or textures. Also, if you're seeing the bad edges in the editor preview window, see what happens if you make it run full screen. The game is scaled down to fit into the small window in the editor and that makes edges look worse than they do in actual gameplay.

hope that helps.

If you want to smooth a mesh, you'll need a modeling proram and sub divide it...

But if you mean the material/texture on it, then you can just blur the actual material, then it'll appear blurred. You can do this by opening up the image used in the material with a photo editor, then you're good. =).

If this isn't what you mean, comment back pleaseeee.

Sorry, but I was looking for a way to make the edges of the mesh smooth by applying some kind of image filter when the world is rendered. Right now I can see individual pixels on my screen make up the object. If there is a way to blure the edges like you can blure things in photoshop that would be nice. I have the free unity witch might mean there is not a way for me to do this.