How do I sort floats by highest to lowest value?

Say I have an array filled with times, but in seconds accurate down to the millisecond. How would I go about sorting these in order from highest to lowest value?

I have tried this method out:

But, it only seems to sort intergers. I need it to sort down to the decimal.

If you’re not worried about the internals of the sort, letting the .NET framework take care of it for you may save some headaches. You didn’t mention which particular data structure you’re using, so I’ll offer an example which includes some popular choices.

#pragma strict

import System.Collections.Generic;

//sort a built-in array of floats
var x = new float[3];
x[0] = 300.1;
x[1] = 200.2;
x[2] = 500.3;

//sort an Array() of floats
var y = new Array();
y.Push( 300.1 );
y.Push( 200.2 );
y.Push( 500.3 );

//sort a .NET list of floats
var z = new List.<float>();
z.Add( 300.1 );
z.Add( 200.2 );
z.Add( 500.3 );

//reverse our lists