How do I stop Animator???

I made an animation in a Cube, then it created a componnent called Animator, but there is no componnent called Animation and the only way I could find to stop is using the Animation Componnent. I can’t figure it out, because my animation was created with this “Animator”, I tried to add Animation componnent there, but it doesn’t work, it’s like they are not linked to each other…When I created my cube animation, unity created 2 “files?” an animation clip, and a controller…

Does anybody know can I stop it??

Oh, I’m using JavaScript

Thanks a lot fellas,
God Bless you all
André Sandei -

First let’s explain things : an Animation stores informations about an animation (rotation, scale, translation, etc). An Animator is a controller which will manage a set of animations and perform transitions between them.

When you create an Animator, an Animation is automatically created and linked to it. To manage how and when your animation stops playing, you will have to work on the Animator (Window > Animator). Create your transitions and add parameters to specify the conditions. Then update the Animator from a script to setup parameters.

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