How do I stop my game from lagging


what I wont in my game,

high poly characters, a lot of objects in my scenes, a lot of high poly enemys, good looking animations and textures, well that sounds like a laggy game to me so I thought of one good why to fix the lag that other games also use but I dont now what it is called so i well try to explane what it is

they use it in runescape and world of warcraft and i think black ops 2 nazi zombies so5547-runescape.jpg

do you see the fog in the back ground well you cant see past the fog so you can only see in that small area so the game is only using the area that you can see to im pritty sure and as you walk it generats i think its a online game so i dont now exactly how it works

sorry i was not vary discriptive but i dont now how it works and i dont now the name of it so if anyone gets what im saying please tell me if this is called something or if there a video or righting on how this is done

If you use Pro use the LOD system. If not, buy an LOD system from the Asset store. Those let you turn things on/off by how far they are from the camera.