How do I stop new elements in a list/array from inheriting values from the last element?

I’m managing a complex list of values in an editor window and I find it very trouble sum that when you add a new element to a list it clones the values from the previous last element in the list.

Is there any way to force default or empty values onto the newly created element?

My list has over 20 values per element that are used in different ways depending on certain values, so it is important that new elements don’t plug in data from the element before it.

You seem to use a ReorderableList in your editorwindow. This class has a callback which you can set to a custom method when the “add” button is pressed. If you provide such a callback that means Unity won’t actually change the size of the list but leaves this action to you. The class is actually well documented over here. If you need any additional help with this you have to post the relevant code you’re using.