How do I stop the trees from rotating during gameplay?

I don’t know if this is normal, but all of my settings are standard, this is almost a barebones game. I used the Terrain tool to paint all of my terrain and tossed some trees in (they come with Unity) but for some reason when I play my game the trees seem to turn as the player nears them, almost as if they are possessed. What could be causing this issue and how would I go about stopping it from happening?

The trees use LevelOfDetail. In this case, as they get further away, they turn from the full model, to a lower-poly model(?) then a billboard, then nothing. The “gear” control (far right of terrain inspector) has settings in TreeDistance, etc… .

If this isn’t carefully done, you get a snapping effect, as the LOD changes. You can look at things in the distance in almost any 3D game and observe good and bad snaps as you walk towards them.

I can’t say for sure if the tree LOD system in Unity isn’t quite working yet, and always snaps. Or, if (like most game engines) the demo trees are so-so and it takes a real artist do make them look good.

@TripodGRANNE When you get near it, it suddenly rotates into place, and then stops.

@Owen Holy cow! Thank you so much for your informative answer! As I read your post I suddenly realized that I had changed the billboard distance when I first created the trees in an effort to raise the framerate as it was lagging a bit on my laptop. After carefully playing with billboard distance and tree distance I now have it up and running perfectly by making a balance between the two. That’s what I get for playing with it without knowing the effects, but at least I know now, right? I had the billboard distance so low it was basically rotating into place in your face! lol Thanks again! Sorry, I’m used to dealing with 2d game design, this is the first time I’ve really delved into the 3d realm. :slight_smile:

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