How do I stop Unity 5 from changing my object names when adding them to the scene? (Unity is auto-incrementing my scene object names)

As from Unity 5, Unity has started auto-incrementing your object names if they end with a number.

So if I have a prefab called “Sofa_1”, and I drag two of it in the scene, the second one will be automatically renamed to “Sofa_2”.

Duplicating an object in the scene will also either auto-increment its trailing number, or add a new trailing number to it.

This behavior is driving me bonkers because it’s causing me to lose track of which files I have in my scene.

How can I stop this behavior?

You may have to do some Editor Scripting, you can maybe use EditorApplication.hierarchyWindowChanged to check an objects name when added and to then just remove the _1 from the end.