How do I store a fragment shader result to give it back as input later?

I am using one fragment shader to compute some (reads a lot) of position by using floating point textures. This technique uses Graphics.Blit and RenderTexture to call a specific pass of the shader.

Here’s, in short, what I’m doing:

RenderTexture RT_positions;

void Start()
    RT_positions = new RenderTexture(nX, nY, 0, RenderTextureFormat.ARGBFloat); // Floating point texture. nX and nY are with and height of the moving samples/boids/whatever

void Update()
    Graphics.Blit(null, RT_positions, kernelMaterial, 0); // compute RT_positions values using the first pass in the shader (held by kernelMaterial)


Later in the Update, RT_positions is uploaded to another vertex/surface shader which uses it to move the vertices.

I now need to smooth out the position and I would like to know what is the best known way to give back the fragment result as input.

As a side note: I tried to simply give RT_positions back into a shader’s uniform and it didn’t work as I expected but it’s likely that I am doing something wrong.

I’m not sure what you mean that the result is “uploaded to another shader”, but otherwise the process you describe is exactly how I do iterative shaders - by blitting the result to a texture, and then using that same texture as input to the next pass.

Broadly speaking, if your shader is assigned to material then you’d use code something like this:

public RenderTexture texture;
public Material material;
private RenderTexture buffer;
public void Pass()
    // Pass the source texture to the shader, saving the output in buffer texture
    Graphics.Blit(texture, buffer, material);
    // Now copy the output back to the source
    Graphics.Blit(buffer, texture);

Then call Pass() repeatedly to process the texture. Or have I misunderstood?