How do I store textures as ".PNG" in the final build?

Hey all.

I’m an artist working on a board game for tablet devices. Due to the nature of these games, we have a large amount of unique of painted assets that do not compress well with standard formats. As such, we’d like to use .PNG compression to store our images in the final build, knowing that when they render they will be truecolour size in VRAM.

I’ve seen some scripts floating about, but no details to incorporate these into an artistic workflow; or how to set up the project so that these scripts become workable. As such, I’m a bit lost on how I can achieve this in our projects.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

If you change the extension of your PNG file to .bytes and then add them to your project, Unity will treat them as binary Text Assets and won’t mess with their contents. Then it becomes possible to load them at runtime using Texture2D.LoadImage or similar methods.