How do I stream Unity (Android/iOS) app scene?

I am a beginner at Unity and am planning to develop an app provided it has this feature.
The app built out of Unity, for Android / iOS should be able to stream the scene data in realtime via http or any protocol that can be viewed on a browser. Is this possible?

I understand some hacks of Encoding to PNG, CaptureScreenshot but am not completely sure of how/whether it is possible. Perhaps the Unity app can be encoding a video file and in realtime and I use a different app (need not be Unity) to stream that data over Http.

Can you guys suggest any ideas to do the same? Thanks.

If someone still needs examples, you may try FMETP STREAM | Forum
It provides In-Game View Streaming Demo with UDP/TCP/WebSocket solutions, and Web browser demo with Socket.IO. They are tested with .Net4.0 & .Net2.0.

All source code are written in C# and easy to modify.

Supported: Android/iOS/Mac/PC