How do I switch back from the new input system to the old one

I tried to use the new input system because I wanted to try using controller input but I am now using a computer that doesn’t have it installed and I wanted to change back from the new system to be able to use the old one.

Looking for answers as soon as possible and will appreciate any help.

Hello @Greennoah33,

For future reference, I would recommend using a versioning system such as Unity Teams (if you’re in a group) or Github (if you’re working alone) so that you can save a version prior to trying out new features. Depending on how far you went down the rabbit hole on the new Input System, you might need to do significant work to undo back towards the old one. Easier just to revert to an old commit.

Is it possible to install the newer version of Unity on the current computer? That would allow you to continue using the new input system.

If that is not possible, could you explain what problems you are having switching back to the old Input Manager? Unity - Manual: Input Manager