How do I switch sounds on an object

I have an object that I would like to play different sounds based on the status of it. How can I switch between clips? I have managed to play one sound by assigning the clip to the AudioSource component but I want to switch between clips at runtime.

Here is some code that Im working with.

var gasSound: AudioClip;
var lightFireSound: AudioClip;
var strongFlameSound: AudioClip;

private var sound: AudioSource;

function Start() {
    sound = GetComponent(AudioSource);

function FixedUpdate () {    
     if (lightFlameOn) {
        //here I would like to play lightFireSound
        } else if (strongFlameOn) {
        // here I would like to play strongFlameSound           
        } else if (gasOn) {
        //here I would like to play gasSound
        } else {
            fireOn = false;
            heat = 0;

@script RequireComponent(AudioSource)

Well, it's pretty simple. Here's the example from the script reference:

var otherClip: AudioClip;

// Play default sound

// Wait for the audio to have finished
yield WaitForSeconds (audio.clip.length);

// Assign the other clip and play it
audio.clip = otherClip;

[link text]Scripting Reference1