How do I sync a 3D sound with Photon?,How do I sync a 3D sound with Photon.

I want to make a Shooting Sound for my game and. How can I sync 3D Sounds with Photon?,I want to make a Shooting Sound and I asked me how I can sync a 3D sound with Photon.

Oh man, i should have a standard post abour rpcs at this moment to just copypaste…
Also perhaps you should add a tag “Photon” next time… and add some more specifics on what you are currently doing including some code snippets…

Anyway here we go:

To this point you probably have synchronized the shot itself using an RPC? If not let me know then you should start on this.

But you player object should contain an audio source, an audio listener and an audioclip containing your shot sound to play. ON the audiosource you can simply call .PlayOneShot(yourclip)to trigger the sound.

So assuming that you have an RPC that calls a function “shoot” at all your players this function then just has to trigger the given shooting sound and you are done.

Let me know if this helps. In case you need further help please add more details on your current game setup…

I have all of my clips set-up, I have multiple audio sources (one for footsteps and one for gunshots)- 1

Thank you- 1

,i love it. Thank you- 1