how do i take gyro rotation and multiply it?

All i need is gyro input in, multiply by modifier then move camera by the result. Surely this must be possible although i can’t find a single example of it. Should be really really simple but i just can’t make it work ( also eulers don’t work as gimbal lock breaks them)

i.e. so if i move the phone 45 degrees the camera moves 90 degrees.

Since the gyro value is a quaterion rotation, you could use Quaternion.LerpUnclamped : Unity - Scripting API: Quaternion.LerpUnclamped

Quaternion finalRotation = Quaternion.LerpUnclamped( Quaternion.Identity, Input.gyro.attitude, multiplier );

This will effectively lerp from no rotation (Quaternion.identity) to the gyro rotation, but in and unclamped way, so value > 1 will “multiply” the gyro rotation.