How do i take the Vector2 of an object i have collided with?

I want to make my game so that when I collide with a meteor an explosion happens at the location of the meteor. I have collided with my object an now I want to access the Vector2 location of it. here is the part my script I need help with:

void OnTriggerEnter2D (Collider2D other){
		if (other.tag == "Meteor") {
				explosion = new Vector2(other.transform.position);
				Instantiate (fire, explosion, Quaternion.identity);
				loseText.text = "GAME OVER";
				loseText2.text = "press R to restart";
				loseText3.text = "press SPACE to exit";
				dead = true;

And yes, I have declared explosion as a Vector2 with
Vector2 explosion;

explosion = other.transform.position will work for you as you can get values from Vector3 to Vector2 but you can’t from Vector2 to Vector3, but your code will note work as the Instantiate method needs a Vector3 in it’s positon parameter but your giving it a Vector2 explosion, just make explosion a Vector3 and change it’s z value to -1 if this code is for a 2d game and make your life a bit easier