how do I test my APK game from

hello, i have just uploaded my APK to a google play account and I was wondering unto how could i test it since I have created an in-app and I want to test it if the in-app worked.

you will have to wait until it is published online. It might take a few hours. The easiest way to find it in google play store is by searching it by it’s bundle id.

wew. which means i need to publish the game in order to just test it on alpha/beta mode? do you have any other suggestions that would go around the publishing? I really need to test because the only reason why I put it on google play first is to test if my In-app worked.

Did you do the page 1 tutorial on Google Developer?

Go through Type-A-Number challenge and it demonstrates sign-in, achievements and leaderboards but links you to the procedure for testing.

You really need to look through it.