How do I the transform of a gameObject and be able to put it in a variable.

I have a gameObject variable and I want to convert that to a transform. I saw one way but I couldn’t put it into a variable. Is there any way to do this and be able to separate the x and y axes and put them in a variable?

You don’t convert a GameObject to a Transform. Every Gameobject has a transform and every transform has a Gameobject.

The transform represents the current position/rotation matrix of a gameobject and its place in the scene hierachy as a parent or child.

To get a transform attached to a GameObject look at gameobject.transform

To get a gameobject attached to a Transform look at: transform.gameobject

To get the X and Y positions, look at gameobject.transform.position.x (and y)

Have a look here:
Unity Transform