How do I turn and tilt a bike with the iphone accelerometer?

hello guys, i am totally new in unity and i have been struggling with moving bike, turning and tilting with some specific degrees for over two weeks. i went through the star trooper example and used that script made some specific changes in it but still it is not smooth. i have applied the rigid body on my bike so facing the problem that if bike is in speed it float away in air. Please guide me to get out of this problem. some people suggested in similar questions about fake physics. but i do not know how to apply that. please guide me to true path. i,ll be very thankful.


Hey man, your question is pretty confusing… I’m assuming your not asking for someone to write the whole script for you?

Can I recommend that you break down what your trying to do and identify your key problems?

For smoothing user a Slerp or Lerp function :wink: