How do I unlink a collaborate project?

I linked a project to an older version of it in my collaborate cloud. I want to unlink it and create a new collaborate project. How do I do this?

Side question: in the collaborate web page there is an archive button. It says not to use it because you can’t get it back. What is the purpose of archive if you can never get it back? Isn’t that just permanent delete?

Unlinking your project from Collab and Cloud Build:

Open the Services Panel.

In 2018.3 : Window → General → Services

Then the very top header where it says “Services” and lists Unity services underneath, hover your mouse and see it highlights? Click.

You see 3 options open up; Click Settings.

Click Unlink.

To re-establish a new link: It will be obvious after doing the Unlinking. I recommend changing your project name in Player Settings though, otherwise you’ll just end up with “ProjectName(1)” in Collab.

Lastly, the reason to Archive is to free up space in Collab. You only get so much storage, so archiving is the way to free up additional space. I assume that rather than a permanent delete, they do that just in case you desperately needed your files back I some dire situation. (Let’s say for example you’re a major game developer with millions of dollars and just lost crucial files… )